Herkko rooms

Our hotel has approximately 30 rooms, this is a great place to rest and enjoy! All rooms have a telephone, a TV, a dryer cabinet, a toilet and a bathroom, some rooms have a kitchenette.

Use of the sauna department, the mini spa and the gym as well as the breakfast are included in the hotel room price.

The chamber of Riitu and Herkko

The chamber of Riitu and Herkko has plenty of room for relaxation, the heat of your own sauna is close at hand and a beautiful view opens to the fell.

Gable apartment

In the newer part of the hotel, there are two mighty cozy gable apartments where you can enjoy life as you wish. Just open the door and you will be on your own terrace, and in the kitchenette, you can cook whenever you want to. The equipment includes a refrigerator, a sink and a microwave oven.


Through Herkko, you can rent quality cabins in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.