Booking and cancellation conditions for online bookings at Hotel Herkko

Booking conditions

These booking conditions apply to room bookings at Hotel Herkko. Succesful online bookings will be confirmed automatically by e-mail displaying the rooms you have booked and the payments you have made.

If the day of arrival is later than 21 days from the booking, we will charge you the advance booking fee. By paying the fee, you confirm your booking.

The room must be accepted on the day of arrival between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. The reception staff must be informed by phone ((+358)8) 7171 700). The rooms must be left on the day of departure by 12 noon.

The client must check the booking confirmation to make sure the information is correct and cancel the booking if necessary. The booking information can be checked and the cancellation can also be made online by logging onto the booking page with the username created upon booking.

Special pricings and campaigns other than those applicable to online bookings do not apply to our online bookings.

Cancellation conditions

These cancellation conditions apply for room bookings at Hotel Herkko. The reception staff must be informed by phone ((+358)8) 7171 700) of all cancellations without delay.

The cancellation of a confirmed and paid reservation will always incur a cancellation fee of 20 euros. If the booking is cancelled 21 days before the intended start of the accommodation, the room fee shall be returned, minus the cancellation fee.

If the cancellation occurs 21-7 days before the start of the accommodation, half of the accommodation costs shall be deducted. If the cancellation occurs less than 7 days before the start of the accommodation, the whole booking fee shall be charged. If the cancellation is due to illness, grave accident or death of the client or the person living in cohabitation with him/her, all payments shall be returned, minus a cancellation fee of 20 euros. Upon request, a reliable proof of the reason for the cancellation must be presented.

Hotel Herkko reserves the right to cancel the booking in the case of a force majeure event and has a duty to inform the client of it without delay.
Reservations charged but unpaid will be automatically canceled by Hotel Herkko.

Accepting the conditions

I swear that the following information given by me upon booking is correct, I have read the booking and cancellation conditions and accept them.

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