Hotelli Herkko

Taivalvaarantie 2, 93400 Taivalkoski,
tel. ((+358)8) 7171 700, fax ((+358)8) 7171 755

Being a straightforward fellow, Herkko likes direct and honest feedback. Write to us and tell what was tasty and good, and what left a bad taste in your mouth. That's how our service will get even better!

Hotelli Herkko

  • 30 two-person rooms
  • Expanded and renovated in 2003
  • All rooms have a telephone, a TV, a drying cabinet, a toilet and a bathroom, some rooms have a kitchenette
  • Sauna department, gym and mini spa
  • The restaurant has room for 150 customers, full liquor license, fireplace, meeting cabinet
  • Karaoke pub Pikku-Kalle
  • Skiing tracks, hiking trails, fairy tale trail for children from the hotel yard


  • A naturally beautiful municipality
  • in Koillismaa region, by the clean Iijoki river
  • Extensive fishing waters and hunting grounds
  • Awesome hiking and paddling routes
  • Distance from Oulu 150 km (93 miles), from Kuusamo 60 km (37 miles) and
  • from Iso-Syöte 40 km (25 miles)
  • Original Jalava store from 1880's
  • Main event of the summer
  • Päätalo week