Everybody needs rest sometimes

Hotel Herkko is a peaceful and cozy hotel close to nature, by Taivalkoski village. Our hotel provides its best for its guests: a leisurely time, quality activities, comfortable rooms and tasty food. We dare to promise you that you will be comfortable with us. Welcome!


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Our hotel received an award
Best (Spa Hotel) Finland

Upcoming events

Local tastes

Our menu features local delicacies as well as familiar flavours. Lunch is served Mon-Fri 11a.m. - 4 p.m.

Taivalvaara tourist center 

Experience the best sides of the Koillismaa region: nature, landscapes and space of your own.

Quality rest

You can sleep comfortably in the chamber of Riitu and Herkko or the new gable rooms, for example.

To Taivalkoski!

Further information on traveling in Taivalkoski.